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Pioneering concepts leading the way to the next century!

If you have been involved in a car accident, you then know what it is like to bring your car to the average repair facility. Most shops have no waiting area. Generally speaking, you are greeted by one of the employees in their typically dusty outfit. The moment you walk into the "office", you'll find yourself in the middle of the actual work production area. The fumes from paint are unavoidable.

After many years traveling throughout the United States visiting the most exclusive shops, we have noticed that all these successful multi-million shops have one common factor: "they all catered to their clients as they were the last ones to ever to step foot in their collision facility."

This is how Collision Concepts came about. Customers are greeted with a warm and friendly environment. The waiting area includes all the amenities for ultimate comfort. Television with satellite reception, fireplace, a private telephone and coffee awaits any customer that that steps foot into this granite filled contemporary facility. “As each customer arrives, they realize what they should always have expected and never received in this industry”. “When a client arrives for an estimate he does not expect to be treated in this manner.” Beyond the magnificent office, which includes a spacious customer bathroom, a conference room, and a fully equipped office with fax capabilities for customer use, is a state of the art 21st century equipped shop.

The first thing you will notice is the lack of fumes. Our shop is equipped with vacuum and exhaust systems that remove 95% of all pollutants within the shop. In addition, this shop is environmentally friendly. All exhausts are filtered through fiberglass filters, which translates into clean air into our open environment.

Secondly, the shop is spotless. You literally can eat off the epoxy finished floors. Insurance companies and manufactures alike are absolutely amazed at the high tech equipment including infrared lights, which expedites the drying time for painting and therefore quicker repairs. People may think that we are more expensive although in reality we are not. We can produce four cars to one of any other body shop! By having higher turnover of vehicles we can be reasonably priced. We dare anyone with damages to their vehicle to come and compare. We will give them a written estimate and they will be pleasantly surprised. Collision Concepts is conveniently located at the corner of Sunrise Highway and Rockaway Avenue with ample parking.

ICAR GOLD certificate

Our staff undergoes rigorous training to assure that every step of vehicle repairs from the moment the car arrives to Collision.

Concepts to the day vehicle is detailed for final delivery is carefully handled. We have achieved the highest standards for our personal by earning the “ICAR GOLD” distinguished certification. This translates to continuous employee training in all aspects of repairs and most importantly to our customers absolute confidence!

Collision Concepts is a member of BASF’s “Assurance of Quality” program. Our customers are asked to judge our shop based on their experience. Customers respond after the repairs and the responses go directly to BASF. BASF in turn tabulates and return the results to the shop. We are proud to have Customer Satisfaction Index no less than 96%.

Management and Insurance Division

Collision Concepts was designed for the demanding and changing need of our industry for the 21st century.

Our offices are fully automated with management and estimating systems including digital imaging. We keep track of every vehicle throughout the shop for estimating, job costing, scheduling, parts and employee performance. Our equipment is photo imaging ready for the growing insurance industry needs for electronic communications.

Every car that comes in for repairs receives a “worksheet”. Through written documentation we make certain that everyone understands what needs to be done to each vehicle. Collision Concepts assures quality by conducting a scrupulous final quality inspection.

Collision Concepts expeditiously process insurance claims and document provided services. We unconditionally aim for full satisfaction.

The Chamber of Commerce awarded us with the “Business of the Year” title and recently we received a Citation from the Mayor for “community enhancement”.

We cordially invite you to visit our shop and to give us an opportunity to demonstrate Collision Concepts’ dedication to quality of workmanship and unsurpassed service.

Collision Concepts

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